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    About US - - Tobacco and Vape Delivery in LA

    Want to refill your vape, restock on cigarettes, or get a new pod system, but from the comfort of your own home? At, we are committed to fast and easy tobacco and vape delivery right to our customers' door. Why? Because we know that your time is precious. Because we know that you shouldn't have to do even more work to get the products that you love to your home.

    Vape Delivery Times No One Can Beat

    Our guarantee? That we will deliver everything in your cart within three hours, or even in as little as ten minutes if you're close by, for small orders. For larger orders, we expedite ground shipping so most of our customers usually get their full stock in as little as a day.

    We understand that people are busy with work, family, friends, and their own lives, and running around Los Angeles to find your favorite products that help you relax can be a tall order on some days. We have been operating in West Hollywood since February 4, 2013, serving our community and getting to know the preferences and habits of customers in our neighborhood.

    That's why at TGR-NOW, we seek to serve our customers promptly and make life easier for them. We pride ourselves on our quick delivery times, which are among the best for any vape or tobacco delivery service in Los Angeles.

    Part of the reason we have gone above and beyond our original business model to start an at-home tobacco and vape delivery service, is to be able to provide our customers the products they need after the PACT Act Amendment, which instituted a ban on tobacco and vape delivery from most third-party delivery services. In an effort to make sure our customers are happy, even while working from home, we went ahead and set up our own private, legal, efficient delivery service instead to best suit your needs.

    Huge Selection of Quality Products has a huge variety of pods, cigarettes, tobacco, rolling papers, vape liquids, coils, disposables, and other vaping accessories, plus a whole range of nicotine and other products that people enjoy. When you log online here, you can register as a regular customer, become part of our little family, and easily order everything you love, as well as saving your favorite products to your own wishlist for future reference. You can pull up your wishlist to view your previous picks at any time while you are logged in.

    That way, you have one less thing to worry about, one less errand to run, and with just one quick delivery, one more thing to make you happy.

    Our Commitment to Customer Service

    Everything on our site is fully transparent to help our customers make the best choice, including product information and sale price. Additionally, customers have the option to provide their phone numbers so our delivery drivers can text them directly, for faster communication and ease of delivery.

    Thanks to our proprietary invoicing system, we have worked to eliminate supply errors and have our listed products in stock almost always, so our customers don't have to shop or wait around, but can come directly to TGR-NOW every single time. Additionally, our customer service is available 7 days a week, from 9 AM to 10 PM, so we can fill your orders and help you with your selections at almost any time. New to vaping? Don't worry! Get on the phone and ask us about what you need; we will help guide you in the right direction based on your preferences.

    Everything we do, from our website, to our inventory and delivery service, is geared towards making our customers' lives happier, easier, and more comfortable.

    The Future of

    We are constantly expanding and working on including an ever increasing inventory on the website, including herbs, supplements, and other products. Additionally, our company is seeking to expand to more locations and cities across the US, so keep an eye out for delivering to your city one day soon!

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