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    Thank you for choosing TGR-NOW for your 1-2 hour convenient door delivery needs. By marking the "Agree to Terms and Service" checkbox and proceeding with your purchase during checkout, you confirm that you have carefully read all provided communications. These include our general terms of service, auto-generated texts, emails, and any manually sent support messages to the phone number and email address you've provided. Such communications are vital as they include critical delivery details, and guidance for resolving any discrepancies with your order directly through our support channels before considering bank chargebacks.

    Refund Policy for Sanitary Products:

    In adherence to health and safety guidelines for community well-being, we extend a full refund policy for unopened packages and sealed items within the manufactured packaging, within 30 calendar days from the date and time of your order. If a product is found to be defective after the package has been opened, an exchange is only permitted within 7 calendar days date and time of your order. For inquiries and refund assistance, contact our customer support line at (626) 900-9591, where a phone representative will provide further assistance. See our Google hours of operations as we update our hours real time.

    What is Considered Sanitary Products?

    Sanitary products encompass involving contact with the mouth, skin, or body falls under the category of sanitary products, requiring adherence to strict health and safety guidelines.

    Health Wellness Supplement Consumable Products Refund Policy.

    Products in original, unbroken packaging – be it boxed, bottled, or bagged – with the manufacturer's seal intact are eligible for a full refund within 30 calendar days from the date and time of your order. For assistance, contact our customer support line at (626) 900-9591, where a representative will assist and process your refund request. Refer to our Google hours of operation for real-time updates.

    Phone support hours of operation, Click this link for real time hours of operations:

    Electronics Refund Policy

    Products enclosed in original packaging – whether boxed, bottled, or bagged – with an unbroken manufacturer's seal including items within the original box must remain undamaged or show signs of usage are eligible for a full refund within 30 calendar days from the date and time of your order. Reach out to our customer support line at (626) 900-9591 for assistance from a phone representative. Refer to our Google hours of operation for real-time updates.

    What is the difference between voided or refund transaction?

    Refunding and voiding transactions are distinct processes in financial transactions. A refund occurs after a payment has been processed generally after 12-24 hours when the funds have been credited from your bank account, involving returning funds to the customer's account. Refunds generally take between 3-10 business (excludes major holidays) days to credit / deposited back into your account depending on both parties banking institution It serves to reverse a completed transaction.


    In contrast a void transaction refers to the cancellation of a pending or in-progress transaction before it is finalized generally before the end of a business day depending on what time zone your banking instituion is located. This prevents the completion of the payment, essentially treating it as if it never occurred. Due allow 24 hours for your bank statements to update. Once a transaction is voided, it is nullified, and the funds are typically not deducted from the consumer's account. This practice ensures financial accuracy and safeguards against unintended or fraudulent charges.

    Need Assistance?

    For additional support, dispatch updates, or delivery details, contact us at (626) 900-9591. Visit our Google Business Page for any updates on seasonal or holiday working hours. 

    Phone support and business hours of operations, see google link here:

    We're here to ensure your convenience and satisfaction for every delivery.


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